As part of its sustainability policy, Puerto Mejillones achieved an outstanding milestone after ending the last carbon footprint measurement stage, task that analyzed as measurement basis of the integral port operation during 2012 and was in charge of Price Waterhouse Coopers Chile (PwC).

    The port company became in the Second Region as the first terminal to carry out this type of studies that will allow having particular advanced tools for strategic actions for inside the terminal as for the interacting operation externalities.

    Carbon Footprint measurement is only one of the sign of sustainability initiatives that the port has taken forward and have considered a series of facility improvements such as seal buckets, powder suppressors system installation and Transfer Tower closure located inside the facilities, among other initiatives. Air and marine environmental quality monitoring are also part of company’s sustainability policy.

    This effort has been internationally recognized: months ago, terminal was accepted by the international program World Ports Climate Initiative, project that gathers 63 world class ports in sustainability matters.